2009-07-01 46 -92

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Wed 1 Jul 2009 in 46,-92:
46.6820383, -92.6022271

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My Brother and I decided to go on a Spontaneously Generated Adventure to today's coordinates (N46°40.9222', W92°36.1336') since they were relatively nearby (within 45 minutes).

Google Maps told a bit of a fib about the existence of a road called Moorehead Road in the area. It turned out to be just a clearing for powerlines. We stashed the car in the brush and started hiking. It turned out to be a lot more Marsh than Woods and we got soggy feet pretty quickly and swarmed by buggs. We didn't make it all the way to the point (as we got closer it got more and more not-solid-ground-y) but came close. (46 40.812 -92 36.022)

As we returned to the car we saw three nice police officers inspecting it. They had been called in by the landowners. (we had noticed "no hunting" signs, but apparently missed the "no trespassing" sign). They asked for our ID and we told them about why the Internet told us to go to this place on the earth. Our explanation seemed reasonable enough for them. They asked us if we found anything and we said "nothing but Swamp", they asked "what about mosquitos?" and we said "plenty of those," to which they replied "next time bring bugspray" and they let us go on our way.