2009-06-25 49 8

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Thu 25 Jun 2009 in Mannheim:
49.3263286, 8.2494229

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Today's location is in a meadow south of Haßloch (Pfalz).

Country: Germany; state: Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate, EU:DE:RP); district: Bad Dürkheim (the creek/trees south of the hashpoint are the border to the district Neustadt an der Weinstraße)



I went from 49 9 to 49 8 to visit my parents today. The 49 9 hashpoint was not far from the railway line I had to take anyway, so I wanted to get off at Mosbach, then take the bus to the hashpoint (and back). Deutsche Bahn ruined that, in that my train already started 8 minutes late and was 12 minutes late at the station where I had to change trains. I would have had only 5 minutes to change trains, so the other train was already far away. And the later trains didn't have an acceptable bus connection to the hashpoint. I continued directly to my parents.

But I had bought a (more expensive) 24-hour-ticket instead of the single way ticket necessary, so that I could use the bus to the hashpoint. And 24-hour-ticket means "24 hours, unlimited connections". In the evening I decided to visit 49 8 by public transport and bike.


I'm not sure if I did something wrong, if the train schedule was wrong or if the train was wrong, but instead of the train to Mannheim I ended up at Friedrichsfeld north station. I didn't waste any thoughts and cycled to Friedrichsfeld south station where I boarded the S-Bahn that went to Haßloch.

The bike I had taken was a folding bike, with small tires and only three gears. I only had 45 minutes to cycle 11 kilometres and reach the hashpoint, so as soon as I arrived at Haßloch, I started to pedal as fast as I could. The route was simple, just straight ahead through Haßloch and the adjacent forest, with only a small detour because of construction works. At the end of the forest I stopped and saw a fenced-in meadow. Even though the hashpoint should be one meadow further this was a bad sign and I already silently counted my "no trespassing" ribbons. But hope dies last (after a long suffering, thoroughly beaten and all alone) and I made my way through the very high grass (with nettles and blackberry twines) along the fence. When I reached the end of the meadow I saw that there was an open gate in the fence and I could walk right up to the hashpoint. Some pictures of the panorama and my Stupid GrinTM and I was on my way back.

Again I gave everything I had to cycle as fast as possible and I reached the train station with 3 minutes to spare. Phew! I took the train until Friedrichsfeld south station again and cycled the rest of the way home.

Total distance by bike: 7.2 + 11.1 = 18.3 km