2009-06-24 43 -79

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Wed 24 Jun 2009 in Toronto:
43.3286410, -79.5651450

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Today's geohash is in the middle of Lake Ontario.

One of the decihashes was on the corner of Glenorchy Rd. and Araz Pl. at 43.7286410, -79.3651450



Not being happy with the hash point. I decided to look up various decicules within the graticule and see if a decihash point would be close enough to get to. I found a point that fell within the neighbourhood of Bridle Path.

As this expedition was happening after work, I departed from work in my car 'Em' to get to the point. I parked on a side street and as soon as I directed my GPS to find the point, it alarmed to tell me that I was within a dozen meters. The point was on the corner of Glenorchy Rd. and Araz Pl. (although Google incorrectly calls it Glenorchy Pl.)

I took a few photos, took a snap of a house across the street, and began heading back. Just as I turned around in a millionaire's driveway, the millionaire was coming home. I made a hasty retreat rather then explain my stop in their community (I'm one of those crusty middle-class people). I ended up following a Porche out of there to the next major street.

I hereby dub decicule 43.7, -79.3 as 'Don Mills, Toronto' after the largest neighbourhood within the decicule.