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Tue 23 Jun 2009 in 52,12:
52.3359257, 12.9058811

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The hash point seems to be in the middle of a field. Some dirt tracks surround it from which access should be possible.




Very spontaneous mission. :)

getting to the town Werder (Havel) by train and walk the rest of the way.


I started pretty late in the afternoon and arrived in Werder at around 19:15. I couldn't find a bus that would shorten the way I had to walk. So I went approx. 9 kilometers by foot. Almost there, a fence blocked my way saying there was a military area and trespassing was not allowed. A path around was found and soon an asphalt street crossed my way. I went along it until my GPS showed a direction exactly to the right.

A barley field was right in front of me and the hash point was 300 meters away, yet. The plants reached till my shoulders, I had trouble channeling my path and 100 meters later I finally gave up, also because my jeans were already ruined by grassy plots, the sun was just going down, and I had no flashlight with me. Nevertheless, I left a notice at the street that I was there - see photo. :)

The way back was a bit easier. Half way, I stopped at a bus station and took a bus a few minutes later which took me to a train back to Berlin. At the station a met a young couple from the Netherlands who came the long way hitch-hiking. We had a wonderful conversation during the journey and I even told them about geohashing. They were pretty amazed by it and told me that they also have crazy hobbies. ;) Maybe we are going to welcome some Dutch visitors in our community.