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Tue 23 Jun 2009 in 49,8:
49.3359257, 8.9058811

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In a garden in Epfenbach, just south of a pear tree.




Bike along the route of the 2009-06-08 expedition until the junction to Lobenfeld, from there it's 5 km to Epfenbach.


Expedition total: 3 hours, cycled 62 km

Everything went just as planned until Spechbach, the last town before Epfenbach, where I took a wrong turn without noticing. I followed the signs to Epfenbach, but when I arrived at the town centre, I still didn't realize that I was approaching from a different direction than planned. I promptly lost orientation (I didn't expect any surprises, so the area covered by my map printout was too small to be of any help) and drove around randomly to find a street still on my map. Twenty minutes later, the street I was looking for turned out to be the one I initially came from. Oh well.

After that I quickly found the hashpoint area. Judging from Google Earth and an aerial image (on the far right), the hashpoint was on the edge of what was an empty lot back then. I was hoping it would have stayed that way. But the place had changed and somebody built a house there.

The moment I took a picture of the garage that was now between me and the hashpoint, and before I could even think about what to do next, somebody opened a window of the house and asked if he could help me. I walked up to him and explained that I came to visit a randomly selected spot... you know the story. He looked friendly and even interested, so I showed him the printout of the satellite picture. He agreed that his house was on that formerly empty site, and identified the tree about 9 m north of the hashpoint: "This must be the pear tree." I asked if I could take a picture of it. "You get the best view of it if you walk around the garage." I happily did and quickly took a picture of the tree and one of me with a stupid grin, standing on the hashpoint. I walked back to the nice man, answered a few more questions about geohashing, thanked him and left.

My first ambassador achievement!