2009-06-22 50 -120

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Mon 22 Jun 2009 in 50,-120:
50.6261184, -120.4662374

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Between Lac le Jeune road and Highway five



When I saw how easy the location looked on the map I thought I'd try it.


After finishing up appointments for the day I was already part way up the "hill", so I fueled up, and drove up the Lac le Jeune Road. I chose this road even though the point looked closer to Highway 5 since, though there was an exit nearby, I would have had to wind all over the place to get to the right side of the road. Much simpler to just drive up the secondary road. Google maps showed that even this road just went under the track I wanted with no exit, but I figured if I couldn't get on it I would just unload my bike and start riding. It was a shorter drive than I thought and even getting on the track was too easy. Just followed it and the GPS showed the exact coordinates without having to get out of the vehicle.