2009-06-19 33 -84

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Fri 19 Jun 2009 in Atlanta:
33.8978579, -84.4387649

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This Geohash point is only about a mile out of my drive home for work. There is no reason why I shouldn't attempt this hash point. This hash point is near the Chattahoochee river that flows near by Atlanta proper. I knew that these were going to be expensive homes.

As I was driving up the road to find the hash point, I was in awe of beauty of these homes. I was kind of hoping that the property that the hash point was on was also for sale and empty. No luck.

As I found the nearest road access to the hash point, it was very lucky that it pointed to a short driveway where I could park. But, not so lucky as it had a fence blocking car access.

If you look at the first picture I took standing at the call box, I could have easily walked around the fence. The call box had a numeric pad like a telephone and then a bigger button to the right of it that was labled "Call". I pressed the button. It made a noise like it was ringing a phone somewhere. It rang 4 times and quit, maybe 15 seconds worth.

I pressed it again. Then again. And again. Then again. Once more, and again. You get the picture. After about the 100th time, I got a automated voice mail. Someone on the other end probably got tired or annoyed of listening to it ring. I got the hint.

I blabbed into the automated voice mail black hole, my name, a little about geohashing, why I wanted to have access to their property and then was promptly cut off with an automated "Thank you" and that was it.

I waited another two minutes or so hoping that someone on the other end might listen to the message and open the gate. Nothing.

So I started pressing the call button again. Four rings and then nothing. This time I only did it 10 times instead of 100 or so.

I thought to myself that maybe instead of trying to call them with the call button, maybe I could get them directly on the intercom with the # button. I pressed the # button and waited a second or so. I then got the sound of the busy signal.

I though.. Hmmmm. Why don't I try 0. I pressed 0 and waited. It rang once and an operator for Bellsouth answered. Well, kinda. I listed to a woman say "Bellsou.." and that was it. No more.

I dialed the number to my phone at my office. It rang once and quit. I tried my home number. It rang once and quit. I tried my moms house, it rang once and quit. I dialed my sisters house, long distance. It rang once and quit.

I then tried to think of other numbers. I dialed 411. There was no ring, but the 411 operator answered. I tried speaking into the call box but they couldn't hear me. The 411 operator disconnected.

I thought about dialing 911 just to see if it would work, but I decide that the people on the other end of the call box had probably had already dialed 911 and I didn't need to add further fuel to the fire by calling the cops myself and telling them I was playing around with someone call box and was probably annoying the bejesus out of them.

I decide that this was a good time to leave. I got back in my truck and headed back to Norcross.



NWoodruff earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (33, -84) geohash on 2009-06-19.