2009-06-18 48 -121

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Thu 18 Jun 2009 in 48,-121:
48.2662332, -121.5972530

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Looks to be on some railroad tracks near Darrington.



Daniel and I set out for an adventure, and the possibility of cracking the nut that is the North Cascades. We had a great burger and milkshake just south of the geohash, then headed off to destiny.

... or not. We tried to the north first, on the thought that we could find a path leading south to the spot. No path, lots of foliage, and south of that, a lumber yard. A huge lumber yard.

Then around to the south, and still nothing good. We parked on an access road that probably met up with the old railroad tracks at one point. We found a large structure that was probably used for loading trucks, possibly crossloading from the railroad. What we didn't find was a way to get to the hash itself.