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Wed 17 Jun 2009 in 52,13:
52.3287508, 13.1075645

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The hash point is located to the south-west of Berlin, right at the Autobahn A 115 and a railway line, near the town Saarmund.






I am going to get there by RegionalExpress train and bus. The last few hundred meters can be easily walked. There is a bridge over the Autobahn which guarantees a safe crossing.

After I finished working, I'm planning to get to the point directly from my office, ETA around 6:15pm.


Mount my trusty 4-wheeled horse and join pari at the location.

The Tour[edit]


Brought near Saarmund by train and bus, my GPS device told me to be 500 meters away from the hash point and I realized ... I forgot my map printout.

So I had to guess a byway which failed once and made me distrustful another time because it rather looked like a dirt track through the forest than like a real street, though it even had name. After meeting Phoenix, I saw that it was the right one. I walked further back along the street where my bus came from until I reached the Autobahn. I knew I just had to walk next to it to reach the hash point, but where was a passable way?

Fortunately, I had my netbook with me because I just came from work. Internet connection was working and Google Maps showed me where some small paths are located that I can take to reach the desired point. A few hundred meters later, I finally got to the bridge I mentioned in my plan. Phoenix was already coming from the other side and welcoming me.


I mounted my vehicle just in time to arrive at 6:05pm near the hash site. From a shady place to park I took a stroll to the nearby hash just to find it rather uninspiring, loud (thanks to the motorway), and, surprisingly, quite littered. Never the less the two bridges (photos to follow) made in a somewhat interesting spot. Around 6:25 a lone figure came along the way equipped with backpack and GPS at hand - greetings pari!


At the Autobahn, right next to the hash point

Finally joint on their journey pari and phoenix took aim for a relaxing detour to the nice Schweriner See near the city of Potsdam. Already the first view to the lake was so attractive as to make them stop. Pari's XXL picknick sandwich provided them with more energy than needed to survive the break ;) Some locals on bicicles even offered them some insective repellants for free (aha!). Being stung only twice then pari and phoenix took course again towards their home(s).

Last but not least here's the GPS tour track (88km) from phoenix's point of view. Most notably the Schweiner See is highly recommended for a break.