2009-06-14 53 8

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Sun 14 Jun 2009 in 53,8:
53.0595272, 8.7652863

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Bianca, Alex


The geohash is located in the corner of the school yard of Grolland primary school in Grolland, Bremen.


It was a lucky surprise when we discovered that todays geohash coordinates were within a stone's throw of Bianca's home. The satellite picture of the hash showed a big building and we both had no idea what it could be. When we arrived at 9 pm, we discovered it was a primary school. After several minutes of trying to find an official way to the school yard where class 1a apparently had had a barbeque party a few hours ago (at least there was a sign saying so), we decided to climb over a low fence to get to the other side. Although we kept trying to make the GPS show the exact coordinates by waving it though the air and walking the yard up and down for a while, we didn't manage it. But since we visited every spot in the yard and it has to be somewhere around the corner we focused on, we are rather sure we reached the geohash position.