2009-06-14 42 -72

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2009 06 15 42 -72 church.jpg

Sun 14 Jun 2009 in 42,-72:
42.0595272, -72.7652863

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This location was at a Lutheran church in Southwick, Massachusetts. I was surprised to find that the church had a coffee shop inside it.




I have been waiting for a while to find a geohash close enough to home that fit well enough with the family's schedule, and today was the day. I drove there and arrived around 8:00 pm. It was my very first hash and it turned out to be a Holy Hash! I didn't have a GPS, so I relied on Google's aerial photo. When I got there, it was hard to reconcile what I remembered seeing on the computer with reality - it looked as if the building might have been rebuilt since the aerial photo was taken, or anyway I wasn't sure exactly where the point was, so I walked all along that side of the church to make sure I visited the correct point. At home I looked at the satellite photo again and confirmed that the grin picture was in fact taken at the hashpoint.

I had never before seen a church with a coffee shop inside it, although I had heard about them.