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Sat 13 Jun 2009 in 41,28:
41.3405468, 28.5376857

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Superbest and two of his friends.


Hung over and a little dizzy, I got up and checked the Saturday spot. It turned out to be feasibly reachable via the public transport system. I decided to go.

Later two of my friends called and I seized the opportunity to talk them into coming along.

The idea is a 2.5-3 hour bus ride to Örencik, a small town west of the spot, then follow the road east, north, around the finger of water reaching inland and to the point, which is in a neck between two low hills. (If that is the right terminology)


Await with impatience!

Update: They're here. We're off! Farewell for now.

Update: Well, we came as far as Avcılar, where we were to take the final hour-and-half bus north to our destination.

Morale began to deteriorate in my brave band of explorers however, when one member began a detailed monologue on the merits of popular kind of kebab during the increasingly lengthy wait for our bus. As enthusiasm waned, it seemed almost certain that the wait would be abandoned and other less challenging pastimes would be pursued. After half an hour however, the bus finally arrived, and we managed to dash forward, spurred by the excitement of the somewhat unexpected occurrence.

However, our determination proved to be short-lived: When the bus driver attempted to overcharge us (demanding about three times the fee he was supposed to ask for) my fellow prospective geohashers finally gave in to desperation, disembarked the bus in haste and switched to the backup plan.

Well, turns out the restaurant made pretty nice kebabs.


There will be none.


Unfortunately, once again no pictures... But! Since you've read the boring account of yet another botched attempt, here's some eye candy:


Superbest earned the It's a kebap consolation prize
by being so distracted by descriptions of delicious food as to forget to go to the (41, 28) geohash on 2009-06-13.
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