2009-06-13 -37 144

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Sat 13 Jun 2009 in -37,144:
-37.3405468, 144.5376857

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The location[edit]

In a small treed area in the town of Woodend, not far from the calder highway.

Who Went?[edit]


I was going to Bendigo, so i decided to check the hashes for the day. Lo and Behold, there was a point just off the highway, and it appeared to be in woodend. I was slightly worried as I checked it that the point would end up in either a backyard or a paddock, both of which would be bad. Closer inspection of google mappage however, suggested that the point was in a small wooded lot on the outrskirts of town.

The lot was so small and regular in fact, that I was worried that it was just a heavily treed house and yard. But I decided to have a look anyway.

I turned off the Highway, and pulled over outside Woodend to set up my GPS. I copied the coordiantes across from the screenshot on my phone, and headed towards the hash. This would have to be a fairly quick success or lack thereof, as I was somewhat late already.

I drove down the appropriate road, looking for the first treed section to the left. Shortly I found it. So, it is indeed a property, with letterbox, gate, and a house. ahh well.

But wait... on closer inspection, the GPS doesn't just say the hash is a few hundred meters away (yes, it was a big block of land, with that sort of room)... but it says the point is a few hundred meters away in that direction... which is... reachable... ...probably.

I drove back down the road a bit, folllowing the GPS, and it appeared to be pointing to a totally clear set of empty blocks. huh? but there were trees on the sat-map.

I could drive onto the lot, so i parked, and wandered around untill I found the point. took a couple of photos and beed confuddled for a bit before figuring out what was up.

It turned out that the trees had been cleared since the satellite shots were taken. also, a number of houses had been built. I suspect the clearing is to facilitate further building. It's a pity really.

Without further ado, I drove on to Bendigo, and other places.


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