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Fri 12 Jun 2009 in 59,18:
59.2262135, 18.2655484

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Yann Vernier, Roos, Anna, Sten, Martin


Today's geohash is within the Alby nature reserve. Specifically it's in the forest, and not far from the final bus stop (Nyfors) for line 873. It's also not far from Sten's home, so I (LoneTech) planned a visit, and he planned to bring a camera.


Planning started, as usual, with finding out where the geohash was. Since it was a favourable spot I phoned friends I thought might be interested, and eventually wound up with a different crew than earlier expeditions. I used public transit to visit Roos and Anna, left by car to pick up Sten and Martin, and went to visit ground familiar to Sten from a slightly different perspective. Yet again we wound up with no proper camera. Also, unfortunately, this time I proved not a very steady hand so many photos wound up particularly poor.

The whole day was rainy, so everything was wet. It was a light rain, though, so we could see fairly well. Roos parked the car south of the geohash, on Nyforsvägen, and after a quick look around we went down towards the water to see if one could pass into the reserve that way. As it turns out, we could not, though we found signs of an old bridge. A small access road turned out to lead to some private land, with not quite there fencing, so we sought further west. Some caged bunnies were found, photographed, and unintentionally teased; apparently the attention of passers by means food.

The path east was part of the largest hiking trail in the region, Sörmlandsleden, and this also provided our access route into the nature reserve proper. Along the way we found an outhouse right next to an anthill, which was unusually high since it extended up a tree stump. Sten found this so curious that he proceeded to disturb it, looking to see if they realized where external forces came from, and earning a faceful of ant acid. No real harm was done.

Further into the reserve our path diverged from Sörmlandsleden and we followed less pronounced trails, soon winding up at the bottom of a notable cliff. This gave us such pause that I snapped a photo of it before climbing, and then we climbed. Wet rock, with patches of dirt, moss, wood and mud, can be slippery. Up on the peak we found a pretty clear region, probably owing to the installation of some rather prominent power lines. The GPSr indicated that our goal was in this swath, and indeed, following its directions carefully I stepped right into a water-filled pit. We pronounced this the day's geopuddle, took a few view pictures, and decided to head back.

On the way back we checked where the nearest two geocaches were, but decided against going there. We opted instead to visit Sten and Martin's apartment, where we had a pleasant time and supper. Sten also found some pretty flowers to photograph.


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