2009-06-12 31 -111

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Fri 12 Jun 2009 in Sasabe:
31.1575185, -111.2913042

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Well, we tried hard to hit two graticules in one day, but once again found a locked gate blocking the way. We talked nice to the rancher who uses the state land for grazing, but he very politely declined to give us permission. He suggested the geohash points not be chosen on 'private property', so we're passing along the request to change the algorithm to include that (for every graticule on the planet).  :) We didn't argue the point that he's leasing state land. He was more concerned about how many other people would be showing up on his ranch. We wished him a pleasant afternoon and didn't try the other access routes we had sketched out.

To recover from our defeat, we revisited our first ever geohash location that was nearby and broke out the camp hammock and another bottle of wine. Spent our geohashing time watching the sun go down (kinda) and enjoying the moonlight until it started getting cold.

No multihash today, but still a wonderful adventure.