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Wed 10 Jun 2009 in Pforzheim, Germany:
48.6029460, 8.8795736

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A meadow in the outskirts of Herrenberg.

Expedition: nick_mz[edit]

This one was so easy, I couldn't let it pass. I took the train to Herrenberg, walked to the hash, took photos, enjoyed the view and went back home.

Expedition: Ekorren[edit]

Around 16:00 I came to the conclusion that, although they were very similar to some a few days before, I liked today's coordinates more than tomorrow's. And that I needed some exercise. As I wanted to be back home well before 20:00, it was quite challenging to get there and back in time, and still take some decent photos. Because Herrenberg is worth a gallery.

I went off around 16:20, and tried to take the fastest way to Herrenberg. I failed a bit, although I basically know all reasonable routes, but I hadn't taken into account that there was significant headwind in the Ammer valley. That slowed me down, but not too much, and after only little over an hour I reached the town of Herrenberg. Went into the old city, to capture some impressions for the gallery, bought some water, and then went up for the hash.

The first two approaches led into private property, but the third one was successful. I found an overgrown path along a meadow orchard, which lead until about 8 m from the hash. Needed to climb from there to the next meadow to find the hash itself - almost into a blackberry bush, my GPS still positioned it before that in the end, so there was no reason to get hole-punched. Stood there for a few minutes to take some photos, then left. I hadn't prepared a marker, as the decision to go was very spontaneous, and I hadn't expected anyone else to come. As I know now, nick_mz was there only about 20 minutes later!

Being still good in time, I chose the forest route via Bebenhausen for the way back, which is a bit longer but has other advantages. It didn't actually take longer, and I was back home already at 19:30 - considerably earlier than expected.




Impressions from Herrenberg (by ekorren)[edit]