2009-06-09 41 28

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Tue 9 Jun 2009 in 41,28:
41.4646079, 28.7267077

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[edit] About and Plan

I, Superbest, at the time anonymous, saw that the point was in the middle of the sea. I decided to change the location. The new one was at Beşiktaş, close to the center of the city, and frankly picked because I was tied up earlier in the day.

[edit] Expedition

I went to my lab and saw that there was a buttload of stuff to be done! =( I only left at 9, and made it to the spot at 10 pm. I did end up learning a lesson though, turns out picking spots with lots of people isn't a good idea. I couldn't leave any marks because of the huge crowd and if anyone had come I wouldn't have seen them anyway. Oh well.

[edit] Tracklog

None, as I don't have a GPS device.

[edit] Photos

...Nor a camera. I might be able to alleviate this problem though, if I find a way to explain geohashing to my luddite friend.