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2009 06 06 59 18 geohashers.jpg

Sat 6 Jun 2009 in 59,18:
59.6184255, 18.2322508

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Yann Vernier, Robert Lövlie, Klas Meder Boqvist


The geohash wound up in a forest near Klas' home. We planned to go there at 16:00, but with no other known active geohashers here we didn't plan to stay for long.


We met up in Vallentuna, where Klas and I (Yann) had helped another friend move. From there we first went to Klas' home, planning to get a camera, though we wound up with just our cellphones again. Something about uncharged batteries.

Going back to the vicinity of the geohash, we took a small dirt road to the edge of the forest and parked the car by the corner of a field, so it wouldn't block the road. We then walked the rest of the way, mostly along the edge of the forest since the terrain inside was harder to traverse.

As we reached the point, we found that the GPSr we used (my Nokia E71 cellphone) was a bit unreliable; the point seemed to move about a few meters, as far as it could tell. So we don't have a full 6-decimal match but this time we definitely could go anywhere it was, and with our confused tracking most likely did cover the spot. Success noted, we took a few pictures, and trudged back to the car. One roe deer was spotted on the way back.

When we reached our car, we were approached by a local who was wondering who we were, also warning us of wild boar in the region. Along he had a huge half-breed dog - a German shepherd mixed with wolf. Luckily they were both friendly, with the man known to Klas, and we chatted for a while about what we were doing there. He found the concept quite amusing, and we swapped some stories of wildlife meetings. As we stood there, both a car and a forestry machine passed on the dirt road, showing more traffic than I would have expected. When we left we caught up with the machine.


To be uploaded.