2009-05-29 44 -68

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Fri 29 May 2009 in 44,-68:
44.7427980, -68.6378794

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simianfriend - no one else could be persuaded to go out in the rain.


This geohash was thoughtfully located just off the main road through Holden between Brewer and Ellsworth. About a gajillion people drive on this every day, and more in the summer, on the way to Acadia National Park.


Discovered the location as I was leaving work, much excitement. Then I went outside in the rain, where my enthusiasm was dampened, both figuratively and literally. Didn't matter, of course. I had to wait until after I got home, cooked & ate dinner and semi-cleaned up before I bailed on down the road. Since this was a matter of about 2.25 miles, I really wasn't worried.

There's a turnout off 1A right by the geohash, which cuts down on the perils of parking somewhat. The actual location is off in the woods, but just. No problems finding it, except for the pile of well-used lumber which was apparently marking the location. If the person that dumped it there only knew... Naturally, I found the lumber the hard way, earning a hole in my sneaker in the process. I took a couple of photos and then bailed, sure that my sneaker was filling up with blood... Nope. Barely a red spot. I took a picture of that, too, but it's sufficiently unamazing that it's not worth uploading. It looks like a foot. With a tiny red dot, if you look closely. Really, really closely.

Nearly dark by this time, anyway. Back home, reward my hard work with a nice frosty cold beverage.


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