2009-05-29 38 -93

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Fri 29 May 2009 in Warrensburg:
38.7427980, -93.6378794

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The day's hash was located in a thicket near DD Highway in Johnson County.


excellentdude: I'd been spending a few days visiting my parents in the Warrensburg, Missouri graticule. Each day, I'd check the geohash coordinates. I was only visiting family for a short time, though, so I wasn't going to venture out for a geohash unless it fell relatively conveniently in our corner of the graticule. On my last full day in town, it did!

We live about 10 miles north of Warrensburg, and the hash was very near a highway about 5 miles east of Warrensburg. I had errands to run, and the rest of my family was either at work or out running errands of their own. I briefly thought about waiting to see if any of them might want to go with me, but given the day's location I thought that was unlikely. So I left, ran some of my errands, and proceeded to the hash. I couldn't see any house near the hash on the satellite view of the Google map, so I drove a ways down the gravel road nearest the hash. Finding no houses or businesses, I turned around and headed back toward the highway. I parked across the highway from the hash in a medium-sized parking lot shared by a few businesses. I crossed the highway, then began walking west along the grass bordering the highway. Clearly a 4-wheeler had gone through this grass not long before me. Not far along, I found either the remnants of an old road or the beginnings of a new road extending north from the grass and fairly close to the hash. I followed this road north until I got to the correct latitude. I then went west to try to get to the hash point. This was easy at first, but then there was brush that only got thicker and thicker as I went. Eventually I got a point where the brush was impassible. Of course, impassible is a relative term, but still having a few errands to do after the hash, I didn't want to get too sweaty and muddy with stickers all over me.

I decided to go back out the way I came and try to walk down the grass along the highway to the correct longitude. When I did that, the latitude wasn't too far off, as I had predicted. I continued north until I got to the hash. It was in a bit of a thicket, but I didn't have to go through too much to get there, as I would have had to have done had I gone the other way. On the way out and back toward the highway, I noticed that I had passed between two fence posts, but there was no fence. I was slightly confused, but don't think I ran afoul of anyone's wishes. Not long later, I was back in my car and on my way to the rest of my errands satisfied with knowing that I'd just taken the virginity of my home graticule.


excellentdude earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (38, -93) geohash on 2009-05-29.
excellentdude earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (38, -93) graticule, here, on 2009-05-29.