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Wed 27 May 2009 in Würzburg:
49.5941675, 9.8931014

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A 2009 dual hashiversary!

Today's location is near Bütthard, in a large field.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY)



See the talk page! There was lots of planning for this one, due to timing constraints and a lack of knowledge of the transit system by Srs0.


As today was the hashiversary for both srs0 and thepiguy (see 2008-05-27 Vancouver), they were determined to make an outing, even though it appeared that the geohash would be inaccessible due to being in the middle of a field. They hoped that maybe the field would be empty or just grass or the like.

Trip there[edit]

They hurried home from work (a bit early), and then rushed off to the Würzburg Hbf (central train station) with their bikes. Thankfully they managed to find the train they wanted, and took it for free (thanks to their student passes) to the Gaubüttelbrunn stop, which isn't actually in Gaubüttelbrunn. There they got off and biked to Oberwittighausen, then Gützingen, down a large hill to Bütthard, and then to the field. They don't have too much to say about the trip there, besides how they both said left and meant right at one point, and therefore got a bit lost just past Bütthard. They got on the train at 17:33, got off the train at 17:59, and got to the field at ~18:30.

The coordinates[edit]

After biking along one side of the field, they determined the closest they could get was just under 200m. However, refusing to despair, they biked around the other side of the field and found a small path going inwards! They followed that path until the coordinates were perpendicular to their direction of travel, and found that they still had just over 100m to go. Not wanting to wreck the crops, they stopped there and declared it no trespassing. They then cheered and took pictures of thepiguy in the same shirt as a year ago on his first geohash while srs0 wished that he had thought to do the same. Thepiguy then struck an anguished pose, as since he didn't reach the coordinates he couldn't eat his Nibs, while srs0 looked depressed, as that was his first no trespassing geohash.

The trip back[edit]

Rushing now, as it was ~18:45 and they wanted to catch the last direct train home at 19:35, they hurried off through Bütthard and decided on a different way back. They then began a long, slow descent into Unterwittighausen, then biked through Wittighausen and Oberwittighausen, before getting back to the Gaubüttelbrunn train stop at 19:05. They then stopped and wondered why they were so worried about making the 19:35 train, and sat around for a while. As there were no scheduled trains for the next half hour, they played around on the train tracks and looked around. Then, at 19:35 they got on the train, which was punctual as expected, and got back to Würzburg at ~20:00.



Thepiguy and Srs0 earned the 1st Hashiversary achievement
by attempting a hash point exactly on the 1st anniversary of their inaugural geohashing expedition.
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