2009-05-25 39 -82

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Mon 25 May 2009 in 39,-82:
39.8255090, -82.9563807

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The Lancaster, Ohio hash was just south of the Outerbelt, outside Columbus, OH.

Who Was There?[edit]

The Adventure[edit]

The satellite photos of the hash point were ambiguous about whether the hash would be accessible, but we decided we'd drive by to see what was there, and if we could reach the hash, we would. The Google Street View photos showed there was a sign by the driveway/entrance, but we couldn't tell what it said. The hash location turned out to be on the premises of Cardinal Truss & Components, a construction company, and there were intimidating gates of chicken wire enclosing the place, so we just snapped some pictures from the car and drove away.

This adventure is the first documented hash in this graticule, but since we did not reach the actual coordinates, we unfortunately don't get the Virgin Graticule achievement.