2009-05-23 44 -68

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Sat 23 May 2009 in 44,-68:
44.7318719, -68.6302679

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Very few plans were made, aside from determining that nobody else in the area - not that I know of any other geohashers (or wannabees, apparently) were interested. Basically, grabbed a camera, GPS reciever, and bailed down the road with about 5 minutes to spare. I made a very hasty sign which is probably unreadable in the photo, but I'll find out somewhat later.


Short expedition - requiring only a 7 minute drive, and then some very minor trespassing up someone's driveway. I had intended to ask permission first, but there didn't appear to be anyone home. Nobody else joined me at 4 (not a surprise), except some mosquitoes, which were not only out in force, but seemed to be seriously hungry. Or angry. I didn't stay long, but probably left a half-pint of blood flying around just the same.


I'll post the tracklog as soon as I get the receiver hooked back up to the computer. And get the software installed. It's not exciting - very short hike.


Leaving the template for now, will post a photo later, promise!