2009-05-23 43 -79

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Sat 23 May 2009 in Toronto:
43.7318719, -79.6302679

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Today's hash was inside a nice litte park just outside the Toronto City Limits in Peel, wedged between the communities of Malton and Clairville.



With my very understanding girlfriend with one of her friends at Wonderland, I went and participated in Doors Open Toronto. The plan was to go to a whole bunch of sites, then go hashing right after with my TTC day pass in hand. Good thing I checked the transit map before I set out though! I was under the mistaken impression that the hash was in Toronto. This required a short detour home to use my car, 'Em.'

Note to users of Google Maps. When it says to turn left onto a street, then to turn left to stay on the street, chances are that one of those streets goes by a different name. In my case, Brandon Gate Dr was actual Dansel Ave, or something like that. 1 U-turn later, I was able to continue my trip in ease.

The park was a little weedy, but luckily the point was right by the paved path running through the park. I sat on the edge of the pavement, solving Sodoku, listening to children playing on the playground behind me, and listening to them swear. One of them only said 'Holy F' because their mother was there, but the other brats would make a sailor blush.