2009-05-21 52 13

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Thu 21 May 2009 in 52,13:
52.4042194, 13.6254432

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The hash is located in a lake called Langer See (Long Lake), about 120m from shore.


  • lyx, dragging along hir bike and boat


  • see if there is a place to launch a rubber boat
  • under certain circumstances, launch a rubber boat and reach the hash


Bike, boat and hasher went by train to Gruenau, then by themselves to the Long Lake.

Bike, boat and hasher encountered a lot of people celebrating beer & annoyance day (aka "Father's Day" aka Ascension Day).

They also encountered the perfect rubber boat launching site.

They got intimidated by the big water. While waiting for something to rise their courage, the clouds prepared their treacherous assault. It started raining. The bike got bored, the boat got annoyed, the hasher got sad. A cookie got eaten. Time went on. The rain subsided once, only to hit harder again five minutes later.

The party toddled off, seeking cover every now and then. One bus stop had a nice shelter, but the hasher would rather be exposed to cold water than to the festive songs (with their enravishing lyrics about beer, sex, and beer) some guys were playing from a boom box mounted on their bike trailer.

The rest of the journey was uneventful.