2009-05-21 52 10

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Thu 21 May 2009 in 52,10:
52.4042194, 10.6254432

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The Geohashing Day's hashpoint in the Braunschweig graticule happend to be in Edesbüttel. Edesbüttel has 100 inhabitants and it's main attraction seems to be the public pool near the Mittellandkanal.

Expedition by Chrismz[edit]

It was my first expedition for the day and yet the most unsatisfying because the hash was on private property. Getting there was quite easy. I got on the train from Hannover to Calberlah that took me in a range of about 2,5km to the geohash. The hash itself was in the backyard of a farmhouse so I just took fotos and left my hashtag on the pavement. Then I hurried back to the Calberlah train station, missed the train, had to wait an hour and finally headed of to Emmerke for a retro hash in the 52,9 graticule.



I'm claiming for myself:

Chrismz earned the 2009 Geohashing Day achievement
by celebrating in the (52, 10) graticule on May 21st 2009.