2009-05-21 40 -74

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Thu 21 May 2009 in 40,-74:
40.8587364, -74.5438145

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Jevanyn will be in the area.


Jevanyn: I'm heading out there after work, so I'll be in the area between 7 and 8. Plans are still in the works.


7:57PM: I'm parked on the side of Everdale Road near the last turn, wondering if the gap of trees in front of me is passable.

It's dusk, so I won't stay long. Best dead reckoning is to go straight uphill and just over. I'll chalk-mark a couple of trees and head back before it gets too dark.

Hopefully no ticks this time. The encounter near the tracks made me wonder if I brought any home.

8:28PM: And I'm back. An invigorating little climb, like climbing several flights of stairs, only with lots of greenery :-)

Unfortunately, the land around the top of the hill is private, attached to a large house. I did get close to the peak of the hill, within 10 to 20 meters, but the whole hilltop as "posted" with no trespassing signage.