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2009-05-16 52 9

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Sat 16 May 2009 in 52,9:
52.3770048, 9.7785416

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[edit] About

The place of interest was located in Hanover, Germany.

[edit] Expedition by Chrismz

It was a rather spontaneous procrastination driven idea to check for today's hash. Discovering that it was just minutes away from home made it a good one to take my new gps to the test and join the geohashing community!
The expedition itself was quite straight forward. I grabed my gps and camera, scribbled a hashtag and off I went to catch the number 4 tram from Leibniz University to Clausewitzstraße the station near the hashpoint.
After a few minutes walking along tennis courts and other sport facilities I ended up in a forest patch near a motorway. Leaving the civilized world behind in change for raspberry bushes, nettles and other nasty stuff I went on navigating to the hash located between a pathway and the motorway B3.

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