2009-05-13 68 19

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Wed 13 May 2009 in 68,19:
68.2956643, 19.4288156

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The hashpoint was on the northern shore of a cape/mountain extending into the lake Torneträsk, a few km from the Stenbacken train station (no longer in use).

the ru[edit]

I walked 10.6 km to reach this hashpoint. On the way there, I went straight across the hills. Stenbacken translates quite literally into "rocky slope" and I would have a hard time coming up with a better name for this area. I had to constantly leap between rocks or haul myself across boulders. When I reached the hashpoint I had walked 4.5 km. On the way back, I took a route some distance to the west, closer to the shore. It was longer but much easier.

Wildlife seen: I scared three ptarmigans that took off, didn't have time to get any picture of them.