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Mon 11 May 2009 in Landshut, Germany:
48.9850210, 12.1550614

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On a cycleway in Burgweinting, in the southeast of Regensburg.

dawidi with Tomcat and Hans[edit]

This one was purely for the statistics, I guess. We met at my office building after work, but then stood there, under a roof waiting for a thunderstorm to end. It didn't stop raining entirely, but after an hour we decided to go anyway. The route was an easy, familiar one which I commonly use to get out of town to the east, except for the last couple of meters where I hadn't gone before. Google Maps were slightly off again, and the GPSes zeroed in to a point on the cycleway instead of somewhere inside the small wet meadow to the west. As the rain got worse again, we cycled home without any unnecessary stops, and I was home at 20:00, just when the rain stopped.