2009-05-09 49 9

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Dancing around the hash tree.

Sat 9 May 2009 in 49,9:
49.6692014, 9.0335969

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This was the first day of our hiking holiday, and the occasion of a lengthy trip from 52,13 to 49,9 via 51,7. Relet had planned to visit this hash in 49,9 close to our holiday destination. Lyx and Nora provided the criminal energy to put the plan into practice, and Antje and Andreas were mostly unsuspicious. Andreas most of all.


We set off about 9am in Berlin, and picked up Nora and a healthy lunch in Hamm about half-way. The trip was not particularly eventful, and accompanied by radio plays (audio plays actually, since there were no radio waves involved). We reached the cemetery of Michelstadt between 5pm and 6pm. Andreas was greatly relieved to finally have reached the destination and immediately started looking for our flat. That was, until he realized we were going for a short leisure walk into the forest first.

And so we went. Andreas did not even seize the opportunity to inaugurate his new hiking shoes. Much to the pleasure of lyx and Nora, we were greeted by meadows full of dandelion blowballs. When blowing a blowball - do mind the direction of the wind.

On our way, we saw the remains of an old chapel. They even hold services at this location, albeit so rarely that the announcement of date and time can be carved into wood. Close by, there was an old oak tree, and a poem to go along with (large picture). It tells about persistency and futility, of course. Another old oak tree had a story to tell, as well (large picture).

We ventured on, to find that the hash lay in a conifer forest. Hence, the silly walks brigade ventured on through said forest. It was uphill, mostly.

Finally, we found the tree that was the hash tree for today. We explained geohashing to the tree, explained that it just won a Couch potato achievement, explained some more what a couch and a potato were, and finally convinced it to celebrate this extraordinarily rare event with us. Oh joy. relet left his card with the tree, should it decide to ring for further information about the sport.