2009-05-07 38 -84

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Thu 7 May 2009 in Frankfort (well, Lexington):
38.0672665, -84.4673318

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Today's Lexington, KY point lies just on the edge of Constitution Park in the northeast area of the city, right outside of New Circle Road.


As the author and maintainer of Geohash Droid, I felt it more than a bit of an embarrassment that I've actually never gone on a Geohashing expedition. To a point, this is largely due to my current location: Lexington, Kentucky. There's a whole lot of difficult-to-access nothing for hundreds of miles in any direction, and that what isn't nothing is generally owned by horse farmers whose patience for bizarre internet games I am not willing to test. At least not alone.

Regardless, even if I never had the chance to FULLY test it, I do know that Geohash Droid does three things quite well, and those are calculating the meetup point, plotting it, and showing you how far you are from it. I generally grab the day's point while at work just out of curiosity. Usually, it winds up in some remote part of central Kentucky fifty or so miles away (in any direction, really), but as luck would have it, today happened to be about a mile away from where I work. Perhaps not quite the adventure some have done, but for a first shot and a chance to do a proper test of my little Android app, hard to resist.

Today's coordinates in 38N 84W placed me on Old Paris Road, one of the spokes leading out of central Lexington (becomes Old Paris once it crosses New Circle; is North Limestone beforehand). To be more exact, it fell right on the edge of Constitution Park, a small sports park. It looked like there was a decent amount of activity going on; from what I could see, a baseball game and a couple games of tennis were in progress by the time I got there. While I wouldn't doubt that this park is used for quick pickup games if nobody else is around (that is, it doesn't look like it'd be locked down), the baseball game looked to be well-organized and well-equipped, complete with uniforms, umpires, and access to the electronic scoreboard in the back. Was a nice day for it, too.

Unfortunately, as I didn't really plan to come out there per se, I wasn't really prepared to chat up the locals, blend in at all, or take a picture complete with some sort of coordinate evidence of where I was (Geohash Droid can't take pictures in and of itself yet, but my trusty G1 can). So I didn't wind up staying very long. But it was still an interesting trip. And I at least got a few pictures.