2009-05-03 50 5

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Sun 3 May 2009 in 50,5:
50.8703338, 5.5135538

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Arvid was to Maastricht this weekend to cycle a lot, but brought his Xperia so he could get the coordinates, so when they were a bit lucky he could try them. This one was lucky enough to try on sunday. I was camping for two nights about 8km east of Maastricht. This hash is about 12-15km west of Maastricht. On saturday I cycled 300km in a Brevet. So for this hash I needed to feel ok. Ok enough to cycle 20km west with full camping gear (just my tent is 5.5kg, fyi, and people in this area have a different idea of "flat" than me).

It looked like the city centre, and just about 10m off a road. Probably just inside of a house or a garden then, or maybe even in a store! But only one way to be sure.



Tracklog by bicycle

It was indeed in or just behind a house. The old lady living there just came out on the street before I arrived. We chatted a bit. I was wearing my "tour of flanders"-shirt, so she asked if I was doing that. (the tour was a month ago and is in the west of Flanders, Bilzen is in the very east, no way the tour ends up here). I tried to explain to her that I was looking for a point that was in her house today. She didn't seem to get it. I'm not entirely sure because I speak a completely different kind of Dutch than her, or just the concepts were so weird that she didn't even try to understand. When a neighbour came by I couldn't understand a word of what they were saying to eachother. And it probably was Dutch. So it doesn't really matter whether I hash in Germany or Belgium. Well, I had German in school. I was never taught any Flemish.

And four days later I find out this grat is actually a virgin! But since I didn't reach the coordinates, no new cherry for me.