2009-04-30 -33 149

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Thu 30 Apr 2009 in Bathurst:
-33.4212775, 149.6448926

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The hash falls in a field near Bathurst Airport.



Closest hash I think I've ever seen. I figured I might as well try a no batteries hash, with a twist. I was going to take my GPS and just not set a destination in it. Turns out my memory is pretty bloody close, but I still missed the exact point by a tree-unit.

The ride was easy enough from uni to the highway. I left after a lecture though, so I was riding during peak hour. The highway was... nerve wracking to say the least. There is a great system of bike paths in Bathurst. It goes from the traffic lights closest to the Evans bridge, to the other side of the bridge. From then on I had to ride on the side of the highway. Fast forward to reaching the hash point (I don't like riding with traffic), it was opposite the Jehovah's Witness hall in Raglan. Up the driveway, count 8 trees, then proceed half a tree-unit west and I should be right on the hash. I was busting for a loo at this point so I didn't even get my compass out. I just ran for it, snapped a couple of photos, then ran back and tried to get home before bad things happened :P. Really should've gone before I left uni. Anyway, once I got home and checked my GPS I realised I'd gone one tree too far and was about 4 metres north-north-east.

Total time elapsed: 1:12
Total distance traveled: 19.5km