2009-04-28 32 -90

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Tue 28 Apr 2009 in Jackson, MS:
32.2375398, -90.8303430

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The sixth geohash for my (Uglystick's) home graticule was pretty simple - a mere 5 km from my house. A quick, easy geohash I could snag on the way home from work - or so I thought.


I was able to drive almost all the way to the point. The last 20 meters, however, were much more difficult. It was a steep slope covered with all kinds of Mississippi woodland underbrush which prominently features poison ivy. It had rained earlier in the day and everything was still wet and slick. Not a very fun slope to climb down, particularly in my office duds. Since this was a spontaneous geohash on my way home from work, I wasn't quite prepared to go mucking about much in the jungle-type woods that Mississippi often features. I got close enough to be within the GPS tolerance of the point, although truth be told, I was probably a good 2-3 meters west of the point. In any case, my picture easily captured the true point so I'm calling this point hashed!