2009-04-20 50 7

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Mon 20 Apr 2009 in 50,7:
50.8570420, 7.2894693

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2009-04-20 50 7 My first hash, and pretty messy: First, I don't own a GPS, and I thought it would be kind of cool to get there by Google Maps printouts only. The hash looked like a clearing next to a road throught he wood, so I also thought it would be nice to get there without leaving my bike.

When I arrived (pretty late), the clearing looked fresh. So fresh in fact that it was full of stumps and logs. Also, I got the impression that the trees I wanted to use as an orientation tool where felled. I walked around a bit (yeah, without the bike) so I guess I hit the spot. (Edit: The spot shown on the map is ~20 km off. I visited the wrong place.)

So next time I'll get a GPS unless the spot is very easy to find. --Yooden