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West of -30°: .9325101, .9738985
East of -30°: .8570420, .2894693
Globalhash: 64.267554275951, -75.791051407249 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Athens, Georgia NWoodruff In the back yard of a home in Lawrenceville. I made it to the property and ...
Bonn, Germany Yooden 2009-04-20 50 7
Swindon, United Kingdom Forawhile Today’s location was a little closer to Oxford than yesterday’s: just West ...
Nikkaluokta, Sweden the ru was on (the frozen) Paittasjärvi, near Pirttivuopio.
Kiruna, Sweden the ru, Jeppzer was just outside Kiruna, near the golf course.

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