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Sat 18 Apr 2009 in 52,4:
52.0845888, 4.8377370

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This Noord West Nederland geohash was located between Woerden and Nieuwerbrug. It was actually located in the river the "Oude Rijn" (Old Rhine).



This is my very first geohashing trip! I went most of the way by car. There was a small parking place about 300 meters away from the meeting point. The day was very sunny and warm, although there was quite some wind. The actual meeting point was about a meter into the river (according to Google Earth), so I am not sure if I can claim that I have reached my destination completely. My GPS indicated that I was within the error margin of the meeting point though.

There was a strange looking object in the water at the correct position (see pictures below). I don't think it was left by a previous geohasher though, but I report it here, so someone can correct me if it was left there on purpose.

Along the way a woman came up to me to ask what I was doing there. She had seen me walking around slowly, intently watching my GPS. The tactic that I read about often on this wiki didn't seem to work: telling her "It is ok, because I am from the Internet" only made her more curious. I told her about the xkcd website and she liked the idea. She continued walking her dog.

I took some pictures of the location and left a sign (although probably a very fragile one) for others to find.