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Thu 16 Apr 2009 in 52,13:
52.5179055, 13.1796329

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The hash today lies in a business park next to the big arterial "Heerstraße". We met at a train station nearby to check out a climbing spot, going there by bike (two people, two backpacks, one bike). The Stößenseebrücke is a large bridge whose foundation is built of rough stones. Climbing was nice. They even had climbing bolts in some of the routes in the bridge foundations. We saw two polecats! We dawdled around for a bit too long, and by the time we packed and biked on to the hash, the gate was closed. We probably should have gone during the opening hours of any of the car and repair shops located there. Ah, well.




  • the climbing spot - note that most of Northern Germany is situated in what we call the German-Polish plains. I.e. there is only flat land in a radius of 300km. Climbers in Berlin have to resort to more or less artificial walls. Actually, after snowboarding, climbing and downhill longboarding, geohashing may be the first sport that I practice where *not* having hills or mountains is a slight advantage.
  • lyx climbing
  • a closed gate. Meh. There were some door guards in that lighted office to the right, but we were hungry.
  • the aftermath of a raptor attack. (A tiny flying raptor attacked me while bicycling)