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Thu 16 Apr 2009 in 51,12:
51.5179055, 12.1796329

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As this would be my seventh consecutive geo hash I decided to visit Gollma in the early morning on my way to work (from Jena to Leipzig) although this meant that I would have to drive a detour of 25 km.

Cumbersomely I got up at 6:12 am, but enjoyed my journey in the rising sun. I arrived at Gollma at 8:15 am (my camera is still adjusted to winter time) where I parked my car near the fire department. After that I had a nice walk of 1 km on a dirt track between a meadow and a field of canola in which the hash point was located. Finally I had to struggle only a few meters through the waist-high plants to reach the hash point. I was very appalled when suddenly a deer ran away beside me, but this couldn't stop me from taking photos and marking the hash point for Reinhard who wanted to visit it in the evening. Then I hurried to get back to my car and discovered that I had forgotten to lock it up. Fortunately in this idyllic village with a lot of curios inhabitants nothing was stolen and so I happily left for work and arrived there only a few minutes too late.


Going for my sixth consecutive geo hash, I followed Manu to Leipzig after work and took the detour to Gollma. As Manu reported, there was this fire department, where I could park the car. Not to lose too much time, I partly jogged the way, wondering whether I would find the red slip of paper. Coming as close as about 5 m to the hashpoint I finally found it, unpacked my three little accompanists from my rucksack and took some photos. I thought of taking the Geotrash Geohash achievement for picking up the slip of paper and taking it home, but that would surely be too much of blowing my own horn - of course, I took the slip with me, anyway.

In fact, that was the point, when I found out, that there's not much in it, driving to a field as close as possible and walk the rest to the hashpoint. Probably, I will concentrate on more interesting locations in the future or at least use the car less.



Manu earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 7 consecutive hash points starting on 2009-04-10.
Reinhard earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 6 consecutive hash points starting on 2009-04-11.