2009-04-14 33 -84

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Tue 14 Apr 2009 in Atlanta:
33.9203849, -84.9092587

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Today is not that day! I decided to take the road approach this time instead of the Silver Comet trail. There is a dirt road leading to close to the hash point. Since it had been profusely raining in the last couple of days, I decided to walk down the dirt road instead of drive it because I didn't want my truck to get stuck. It was only a 0.1 mile walk. That was much better than the mile walk down the Silver Comet Trail.

I found the hash position with only a few Velociraptors attacking me. I managed to keep them off of me but, my pants didn't fair that well though.

There were no fences to jump, no tresses to pass, nobody to complain that I was there. I took a few pictures then headed back to my truck to eat the sandwich that I packed for lunch.

It took only 23 minutes to drive to the hash so I figured I could take a few minutes to eat before returning back to work. I basked in the glow of knowing that I now have 10 consecutive hashes in a row now.

Consecutive Geohashes[edit]

Monday Apr 13, 2009

Wednesday Apr 15, 2009



NWoodruff earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (33, -84) geohash on 2009-04-14.
NWoodruff earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 10 consecutive hash points starting on 2009-04-05.