2009-04-13 52 6

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Mon 13 Apr 2009 in 52,6:
52.0737580, 6.8411838

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Today's hash was close, and since Easter Monday is a public holiday in the Netherlands, Arvid was going for a ride in the morning. Taking some detours for openstreetmap as well.



Tracklog by bicycle

It was insanely foggy early in the morning. Let's say 50m sight. When I started hashing it was about 100m. Still too bad for wearing glasses, since they also get wet, decreasing sight even more. No glasses is a bit annoying for a couple of reasons: no correction (-1.5 max, so doable, but still), no mirror(I can't properly turn my head while lying on my bike), no protection from crap in the air.

It was bad enough for me to take a detour on my way to the hash, to avoid the 100km/h road without separate cycle lanes.

The hash was.... in a field! I walked along the edge of two fields until I had to walk into the southern one of them. Birds were alarmed and making noise and flying around.

After that I took some more detours for openstreetmap. The fog was slowly, very slowly getting less dense.