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Sun 12 Apr 2009 in Vammala:
61.3646909, 22.9192714

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These coordinates were located in the Vammala, Finland graticule on 2009-04-12, in Vammala, Lousaja area inside partly cutoffed forrest.

61.36469°, 22.919271 or more likely 61°21.881', 22°55.1562'

We made it. Our first tried geohashing location expedition was successful.


People who reached these coordinates:

4pm CET -3 hours[edit]

Small oaks family

Expedition and Photos[edit]

It was about 4 pm when we reached the location. We are on easter holiday this graticule and this location was only ten km away so why not try this. Hole family made at zero point. Our youngest is just 5 months old and can be propably the youngest geohasher atleast in Finland . Then there is our three year old boy and my wife and me. We have been geocaching in Vammala this afternoon and our final goal was to reach this location. Geohashing location was quite lucky one as my goddaughter lives just under km away. We made a vist there before going to woods here. We told our goddaughters family what we are about to do. They looked liked they understood this as we have told that we have geocached a sometime so this wasn't that odd to them.

After a few turns from my goddaughters house we found ourselves in end of road where small path started. We decided to leave car there and carry on foot. I carried my daughter on safety seat. There was only about 200 meters to carry. My wife and our boy walked behind us. Terrain wasn't that bad. First hundred meters were paths and then a little bit walking through cutted forrest area with full of branches and roots every where. Then a little path again towards the zero point. After awhile I found the zero point on one stump. Nothing special to see here but atleast we have done this. Our first Geohashing location expedition completed.

Small oaks earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (61, 22) graticule, here, on 2009-04-12.
Small oaks earned the Youngest Geohash Achievement
by geohashing on 2009-04-12 with his girl Emmi, aged 4 months, 22 days.
Small oaks earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (61, 22) geohash on 2009-04-12.