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Awesome Like a Fox Hash the Geo, North Yorkshire Moors Stylee[edit]

2009-04-12 54 -0 374.jpg

Sun 12 Apr 2009 in 54,-0:
54.3646909, -0.9192714

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Plans (fancy)[edit]

...and pants to match!


We arrived by automototive-mobile at the sleepy village of Rosedale Abbey at 14:14 hours. We were 2.6km from the hashpoint, we decided to abandon the vehicle in order to be less conspicuous. We loaded up supplies and the Nut-Guard|TM and set out on foot. We found a road leading in the desired direction and set out along it. After 1.5km it appeared that the road took an unfortunate turn for the uphill so we decided to brave the wildlands. This proved not to be the best course of action as some inconsiderate personage had carelessly strewn barbed wire fences everywhere; showing utter disregard for the testicular welfare of passing Geohashers. Luckily we had our trusty Nut-Guard|TM which allowed us to traverse this perilous terrain. After many hours searching we approached what appeared to be the hash point only to have our hopes dashed just a few meters from the target by an impassible river. Not to be deterred by this obstacle we set off upstream to find a place to cross. After much searching we manage to cross using a fallen tree and made our way back downstream to the hashpoint. Upon our arrival we were crestfallen to discover that the hashpoint was actually on the other side of the river we'd just come from. Thus we decided to drown our sorrows in cheap tarts (apple), and the proverbial 'sauce' (chocolate).

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Our spirits lifted, we decided to poke around the local area and investigate getting back across the tumultuous gorge to the hashpoint-proper. In our search, we discovered that we were not the first group to encounter the perils of the Yorkshire Moors, and we found the wreckage of a previous expedition, the remains of the party had long since decayed leaving naught but the empty carcass of an automototive-mobile. Clearly the decision to proceed on foot was a wise one...

Gold_Ninja was nominated for the task of crossing the river; having gained '+1 leap' at his previous level up (Also he's expendable). He proceeded to fashion a crude rigid frame bridge out of twigs, stones and parts salvaged from the automototive wreckage. Laser_Dragon helped by skimming flat stones across the river at him (achieving a record maximum of 8 bounces). Triumphant in his crossing, Gold_Ninja proceeded to locate the hashpoint to within 1m.
2009-04-12 54 -0 999.jpg

2009-04-12 54 -0 419.jpg

In celebration of a successful expedition, we went in search of a nearby location to play with our Nut-Guard|TM (Frisbee, for the uninitiated) and partake of various other lounging activities. We found an ancient standing stone, and sat on it, played our guitars, ate the remaining waybread (cookies), and quaffed the last of the chocolate sauce. Feeling both satisfied, and a little bit sick, we set off for home.

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