2009-04-10 -37 144

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Fri 10 Apr 2009 in -37,144:
-37.8624990, 144.9597201

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The location[edit]

In the ocean near St Kilda Pier

Who Went?[edit]


myka received a suggestion that he should go to the hash today from joannac, who happened to be going to Melbourne.

He was going to ride down, since he thought that this would likely be the only riding he would get done over the Easter Long Weekend, however the Melbourne weather, which had looked nice during the morning, had gloomified and was threatening to rain as he prepared to set out. Not wanting to end up with a wet ride home, he decided to drive his newly purchased automobile to St Kilda instead.

He did so. It was good. Unfortunately, for a day when everything was expected to be closed for religious reasons, there was quite a bit of activity in the St Kilda Pier area, and parking was, while not excessively hard to find, not cheap.

Also, the Melbourne Weather decided to play the tricksy on myka, and the sun came out shortly after he left, making it a rather pleasant day which would have been ideal for riding.

myka was running a few minutes late, but after finding an ATM and somewhere to break a note into change that the parking ticket machine would accept, he wandered up to the pier.

He found a Joannac there, doing crosswords.

There followed a stroll out to the middle of the pier, a discussion about which section of the pier would actually be closest to the hash point, and the discovery that there was a gate blocking access to the outer half of the breakwater, which would have been the appropriate place to have strolled to.

Unwilling to brave the ocean, there was instead some sitting on rocks and looking at the view done. This was followed by a stroll back along the pier to the beach, where there were many kites which would have been unreasonably expensive. There was also a wander through Luna Park, and a debate about its excitingness, both currently and in the past. There was also a thin and slightly odd lighthouse, and a number of possibly kite-surfing kites; however, neither of these were more than looked at from a distance. Many people were out enjoying the weather and the public holiday, and only one was braving the water.

Eventually there was an ending of parking allowances, so both myka and Joanna had to take their cars and move on.

This was almost a no-trespassing hash, but was really more of a no-being-silly-by-jumping-in-the-ocean hash, so the ribbon is not really appropriate.


Joanna was still up on Thursday night when the coords were announced. Oh! An accessible hash (melbourne is much better at these than Canberra). In the Melbourne grat I hadn't hashed in before. Win!

Unfortunately, joanna was meant to be at a party on Friday afternoon. joanna figured that if myka was going to go, a hash where she travelled independently AND met someone else travelling independently would be pretty awesome.

She was surprised that there were so many people around. Canberra was deserted when she left that morning. Yet another reason why Melbourne is awesome.

After parking her car and paying stupid parking rates (Melb is pretty fail in that regard), she went for a wander and found what she thought was the right pier.

Eventually myka rocked up, and we began our (rather short) expedition along the pier. There were many people fishing. joanna is not sure if they caught anything. Probably not - I can't imagine there being fish in the water at St Kilda Beach. Like myka said, we sat on the rocks and debated how cold it would be if we jumped in (conclusion: quite).

Then we went to Luna Park! joanna likes Luna Park, having been there every year for a number of years in her childhood. myka couldn't remember whether he'd ever been, so joanna gave him a tour. Except the park had changed quite a lot since she was last there, and none of it seemed as exciting as she remembered :(

Eventually both myka and joanna got sick of exorbitant parking rates and left St Kilda. joanna got very very very lost trying to naviagate Melbourne in a car she hadn't driven for almost a year, and having a rather rusty memory of how the melbourne streets looked. She made it to her party very late, but arrived just as the pizza did. mmmm pizza.

Technically they could've made the hash if they were dumb enough to jump in, so no ribbon.



Photos are mostly non-existant due to myka's Photography Fail. Apart from forgetting to take as many photos as he should, the ones he did take were generally into the sun, and not worth the time to clean up.