2009-04-09 33 -84

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Thu 9 Apr 2009 in Atlanta:
33.4456301, -84.3709163

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This turned out to be a much longer Geohash than anticipated. In the morning I park my truck at a shopping mall and ride the last 6 miles to work. This morning on my route to work. There was a construction team repairing a section of the sidewalk. I jumped the curb on my bicycle and heard something pop from under the rear tire.

I got to work and everything was fine.

This evening, I make it out to my bicycle from work and the tire is flat. I push my bicycle back to my truck and I take the short route of 4 miles. It takes me over an hour. Traffic is some what lighter at 6pm than it is at 5pm. I make my way into the center of Atlanta about 6:30pm. Just as I am driving through, police cars set up a road block and block all 6 lanes of the interstate to clean up a 2 car wreck going south bound. I sit in traffic with about 10,000 of my friends for about 10 minutes going nowhere.

The wreck is finally cleared and I am on my way. On the return trip back to my house, there is another car wreck that closes 3 of the 4 lanes on I-675 and I sit for another 30 minutes waiting to get around that mess.

I'm glad that I made the Geohash point though.



As I was driving up on nearest point to the hash point that is accessible by road, I passed 3 police cars on this road. I was wondering if I was going to be questioned as to why I was stopped on the side of the road. I didn't have to worry as the entire time I was stopped on the side of the road, I think only 5 or so cars passed by.

After the grueling effort I had to put into getting to this point, I was wondering if I was going to be thwarted by the fence that was in front of me. I walked up and down the fence probably 300 feet or more looking for a way to hop over it. There was thick brush for a good 10 feet in front of this fence. I had seen many places where animals had jumped the fence(possibly deer) but they can jump higher than I can and I didn't want to have to deal with making it over the barbed wire.

I could see a house in the distance and decided to walk to the house and see if I could ask for permission to walk on the property. As I was walking to the house, I could see that the property was not a part of the property that the house was on because they had their own fence.

But as I was nearing the property that the house was on, I noticed a gate. The gate is open.

The property looks like some developer purchased the property to build houses on. The property has a fully functioning sewer system. The builder may have gone bankrupt and abandoned the property at this time.

Nobody ever bothered me. I trekked the 1/2 mile to the hash point in about 15 minutes through the thick, sometimes knee deep grass. It was a long walk. I could see deer off in the distance watching me wondering what the heck this fool was doing stomping through our eating grounds.

The deer did stay off in the distance but did keep a firm eye on me the entire time.

It took only a few seconds to find the exact spot. The eTrex locked onto the spot at 0 feet to go. I took a few pictures.

I then decided to make the 1/2 mile trek back to my truck.

As I was walking back, I was thinking to myself that this expedition now puts the Atlanta Graticule in FIRST PLACE as the most Coordinated reached over Seattle Washington! YEA!!!

Whatcha gunna do now Seattle???? Take that!!!

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