2009-04-04 32 -90

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Sat 4 Apr 2009 in Jackson, MS:
32.3420643, -90.9893883

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The Geohash gods have been smiling on me lately as this is my third geohash in 8 days. This point is also somewhat unusual in that it falls in the one small portion of the Jackson, Mississippi graticule that is across the Louisiana border. Can you say Reverse Regional Achievement?


I was unavailable to be at this point at 16:00 but I was able to drag along my three sons to reach this point just before 15:00. It was an easy 15 minute drive from our home in Vicksburg, MS, across the Mississippi River on the Interstate 20 bridge and then across the lowland fields to the point, just a few dozen meters from the Mississippi River levee and the river just beyond.

The point itself was painfully easy to reach as it was just a few meters from the road on the edge of a field that last grew corn. The field was bounded on the north by the Mississippi River levee (this is a short section of the river that happens to run east-west). After we hashed the point with the obligatory pictures, we drove up on top of the levee and I shot a 360º panorama. Its shown below in the gallery with due south being right in the center of the image. The geohash point was just to the right of the road that runs due south in the image. The road seen on both the extreme right and extreme left edges of the image is heading due north. The road along the top of the levee running east-west shoots off at 45º angles to the center of the image. On the right side of the image, beyond the field of yellow flowers, you can see the Mississippi River in the distance.

There were several cows on the levee and in the flatland below the levee. The ones up on the levee were most curious as to what we were doing. However, a fence kept them from joining in on the geohashing fun. Maybe a Bovine Participation Achievement is needed? I can think of several places where this could actually be a regular occurrence.

Uglystick earned the Reverse regional achievement
by reaching hash points in all 2 regions of the Jackson, Mississippi (32, -90) graticule.