2009-04-03 52 0

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Fri 3 Apr 2009 in Cambridge:
52.1842062, 0.1462521

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On Hills Avenue, within Cambridge itself. A rare opportunity for a hash within the city.




The opportunity of a hash within my own city was too good to miss, so after getting home from work I cycled the 3.4km and was at the hashpoint at 4:30pm.

Of course, a hashpoint within a residential street leads to the problem of it being in someone's house or garden. Happily, today saw neither -- it was at the bottom of someone's fence on the side of the pavement. Photos were taken from all angles, and as I wasn't expecting anyone else to show up, I then left.

I cycled home via work, to see if I qualified for the cubicle geohash honourable mention. I didn't -- it was 1.04km, just too far to claim it.

2009-04-23 (Benjw)[edit]

Three weeks later, the 2009-04-23 52 0 hashpoint fell less than 2 km away from this spot, so I considered it worth a small detour on the way home to revisit it and take another photo. Not much had changed, except that spring had arrived and the plants had got a lot greener. This retro expedition was completed without using GPS, as I easily recognised the hashpoint from his previous visit.

Photographic documentation[edit]