2009-03-31 52 6

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Tue 31 Mar 2009 in 52,6:
52.2148500, 6.8644290

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In town, on a crossing, even only a short bit off Arvid's daily route to work. It's about 2.5km from his house as the crow flies.

Plan: Cycle there before work, chalk the road. Walk there again at night(around 20:00) so Arvid will finally do his 2nd non-cycling hash.


  • Cycled 6.8km. (Normal route to work is 5.7km)
  • Frozen hash. Nearby weatherstation claimed -1.8°C at 8am, and there was ice near the hash.


Part One
I left home 5 minutes earlier than normal for work, at 8:02. At 8:09 I was at the hash. I tagged the road (tricky, rush hour) and went on at 8:13. There was ice on the poopbin and ice on the nearby grass. Official temperature at the nearest weatherstation was -1.8°C. I was at work 8 minutes later.

Part two didn't happen. I was sleepy and tired and didn't feel like walking for an hour. I slept 9.5hours instead.