2009-03-30 34 -80

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Mon 30 Mar 2009 in Lancaster:
34.9180559, -80.8666281

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This hash was located in the Catawba River and, as such, quite unreachable. It was also protected by private land and no trespassing signs. Hopefully in the future, another expedition will come up near the water which can be reached. As a side note, this is the first documented attempted hash for this graticule, but I would say does not count for "breaking the cherry."


Crazycaveman: As far as I know, I am the only one who attempted to find this hash. I was looking at the Columbia, South Carolina hash and thinking how I would have to wait for a later date for a more easily reached hash, when I realized that the Lancaster hash would be close by, due to being in Rock Hill. I looked it up and realized I had been there before, so I set out, forgetting anything that might be helpful, such as written directions or even a camera (I've been so out of it lately...). I had seen that the hash was on the river but figured "what the hay" and thought I could at least sit on the shore for a while. After driving the area for a while, since Google Maps isn't very well updated and didn't have the proper roads, which was pleasant, I was able to find the correct road to lead me to the hash. As I neared the hash, the road ended abruptly and I saw the "No Trespassing" signs out. At least I got to get to look at a part of town I never get to see.

(This page was created to kind of get a test in before the next time I do it, hopefully Wednesday)